Motorola Moto Android 12 Phones Update Tracker

Below are Motorola phones shipped with Android 12 OS and Moto phones that are eligible to receive the Android 12 update or those have already received the Android 12 Update.


moto g stylus 5G (2022)moto g stylus 5G (2022), moto g(50)6.8-inch4.0GB128GB, 64GB, 256GBAndroid 12
moto g(50)moto g(50), XT2137-26.5-inch4.0GB64GBAndroid 12
moto g 5G (2022)moto g pure, moto g 5G (2022)6.5-inch4.0GB64GBAndroid 12
moto g62 5Gmoto g62 5G, moto g51 5G6.5-inch4.0GB64GBAndroid 12
moto g40 fusionmoto g(40) fusion6.8-inch4.0GB128GBAndroid 12
moto g(60)moto g(60)6.8-inch4.0GB128GBAndroid 12
moto g82 5Gmoto g82 5G, moto g71 5G6.6-inch4.0GB128GBAndroid 12
moto g stylus 5Gmoto g stylus 5G, moto g stylus (2021)6.8-inch4.0GB128GBAndroid 12
moto g promoto g pro6.4-inch4.0GB128GBAndroid 12
moto g51 5Gmoto g51 5G, moto g(50)6.8-inch4.0GB64GB, 128GBAndroid 12
moto g42moto g(100), moto g426.4-inch4.0GB64GB, 128GBAndroid 12
moto g71 5Gmoto g71 5G, moto g(50)6.4-inch4.0GB64GB, 128GBAndroid 12
moto g(50) 5Gmoto g(50) 5G, moto g(50)6.5-inch4.0GB64GB, 128GBAndroid 12
moto g(30)moto g(30)6.5-inch4.0GB64GB, 128GBAndroid 12
moto g22moto g22, Lenovo K15 Plus6.5-inch4.0GB64GB, 128GBAndroid 12
moto g52moto g52, moto g(50)6.6-inch4.0GB128GB, 256GBAndroid 12
motorola edge 30motorola edge 30, moto g200 5G6.6-inch6.0GB128GBAndroid 12
Motorola edge s proXT2153-16.7-inch6.0GB128GB, 256GBAndroid 12
Motorola edge 20Motorola edge 20, Motorola edge plus6.7-inch6.0GB128GB, 256GBAndroid 12
Motorola edge 20 proMotorola edge 20 pro, moto g(100)6.7-inch6.0GB128GB, 256GBAndroid 12
Motorola edge plus 5G UW (2022)Motorola edge plus 5G UW (2022)6.7-inch8.0GB128GBAndroid 12
Motorola edge plus (2022)Motorola edge plus (2022)6.7-inch8.0GB128GBAndroid 12
Motorola edge 30 proMotorola edge plus, Motorola edge 30 pro6.7-inch8.0GB128GBAndroid 12
moto edge X30XT2201-26.7-inch8.0GB128GBAndroid 12
moto g(100)moto g(100)6.7-inch8.0GB128GBAndroid 12
Motorola edge sXT2125-46.7-inch8.0GB128GBAndroid 12
motorola razr 5Gmotorola razr 5G6.2-inch8.0GB256GBAndroid 12
motorola razr (2020)motorola razr (2020)6.2-inch8.0GB256GBAndroid 12
motorola edge S30XT2175-26.8-inch8.0GB128GB, 256GBAndroid 12
moto g200 5Gmoto g200 5G, motorola edge 20 pro6.8-inch8.0GB128GB, 256GBAndroid 12
Motorola edge 5G UW (2021)motorola edge 5G UW, motorola edge 5G UW (2021)6.8-inch8.0GB128GB, 256GBAndroid 12
Motorola edge (2021)Motorola edge plus, Motorola edge (2021)6.8-inch8.0GB128GB, 256GBAndroid 12
moto X30XT2201-66.7-inch12.0GB256GBAndroid 12
Motorola edge plusMotorola edge plus6.7-inch12.0GB256GBAndroid 12