Samsung Galaxy M11 SM-M115F manual / User Guide

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This is the official Samsung Galaxy M11 SM-M115F manual in English and Arabic in PDF format provided from the manufacturer.

The manual can be used for Samsung Galaxy M11 with the following model numbers:


For your information, the Galaxy M11 SM-M115F manual revision 1.0 is based on Android 12 OS.

Download Samsung Galaxy M11 SM-M115F manual

Language: English


Samsung Galaxy M11 SM-M115F دليل المستخدم

Language: Arabic


The Samsung Galaxy M11 was launched in 2020 with Android 10 out of the box! The phone recently received the Android 12 OS update, So, Samsung revised the manual for Samsung Galaxy M11 SM-M115F to reflect the changes in the OS Update.

Does Samsung M11 support 5g?

No, THe Galaxy M11 is a 4G phone,

To learn more about your Galaxy M11 smartphone, please visit Samsung’s official support here.

By the way, The Galaxy M11 sold on AmazonSamsung Galaxy M11 (SM-M115F/DS) Dual SIM – has only 3 GB of RAM,