Cricket Icon 3 FAQ

Below are Questions asked by Cricket Icon 3 users.

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Q1: Is Gorilla Glass used on this Cricket Icon 3 smartphone?

A1: The Cricket Icon 3 uses NEG glass.

Q2: When did the cricket icon 3 come out?

A2: The Cricket Icon 3 became available in October 2021.

Q3: Does the cricket icon 3 have NFC? Is Ion 3 NFC compatible

A3:The Cricket Icon 3 is not NFC compatible, but it can use Google Pay for web payments.

Q4: Do I need to purchase a new sim card for my Cricket Icon 3?

A4: You will not need to purchase a new SIM card as one comes with the device.

Q5: Does this Cricket Icon 3 phone support wireless charging?

A5: The Cricket Icon 3 does not support wireless charging, but you can use Magnetic Wireless Charger 

Q6: How to switch my Cricket Icon 3’s camera to Selfie Mode?

A6: You can switch the camera by selecting the icon on the bottom left of your screen, when you have the camera app open.

Q7: How would you insert a micro SD into this Cricket Icon 3 phone?

A7: The Micro SD Card slot is on the left side at the same place as the SIM card slot.

Q8: How do I remove the battery cover from my icon 3?

A8: Your icon 3’s battery is non-removable. Please do not attempt to remove the battery for danger of explosion.

Q9: Does icon 3 have miracast?

A9: You are able to download the Miracast app from the Google Play store.

Q10: What is the RAM size of this icon 3?

A10: the Icon 3 features a MediaTek Helio A20 MT6761D 1.8 GHz, quad-core 3 GB RAM!

Q11: Can you play Fortnite on icon 3?

Q11: No, You need to have at least 4GB to run the game properly!  In order to run Fortnite at a minimum, you’ll need a 2.4GHz processor on Windows 7/8/10 or Mac, 4GB of RAM, and at least an Intel HD 4000 video card


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