Will Samsung A03s SM-A037G/DSN get Android 12?

The Galaxy A03s SM-A037G/DSNl was launched in 2021 with Android 11. According to Samsung’s software update policy, the Galaxy A03s is eligible to receive the Android 12 update!

A recent listing on the WI-FI alliance can confirm that Samsung will release the Android 12 OS Upgrade for the Galaxy A03s SM-A037G/DSN smartphone very soon.

Date of Last Certification: 2022-06-10
Brand: Samsung Electronics
Product: Mobile Phone
Model Number: SM-A037G/DSN
Product Model Variant: SM-A037G/DSN
Category: Smartphone, multi-mode (Wi-Fi and other)
Operating System: android 12; android 12
Frequency Band(s): 2.4 GHz

According to the WI-FI alliance, the Galaxy A03s running Android 12 has just received WI-FI alliance certification. So, we can expect that the Samsung A03s SM-A037G/DSN will get the Android 12 update soon in July or August 2022.

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