Samsung Galaxy A13 Manual / user guide

Galaxy A13 SM-A136M Manual user guide – This is the official Samsung Galaxy A13 manual in English provided from the manufacturer.

Samsung Galaxy A13 Manual / user guide

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Language: English

File format: PDF

For your information, the above manual can be used for the Galaxy A13 with the following model numbers:


Samsung Galaxy A13 keys & button

Side key

• Press and hold to turn the device on or off.
• Press to turn on or lock the screen.
• Press twice to launch the app or feature you set.

Side key + Volume Down key

• Press simultaneously to capture a screenshot.
• Press and hold simultaneously to turn off the device.

Setting the Side key

Select an app or feature to launch by pressing the Side key twice.
Launch the Settings app, tap Advanced features → Side key, and then select an option you want.

Soft buttons

When you turn on the screen, the soft buttons will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Recent button or Back button or Home button

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